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About us:

HDI Vier CE starts and grows companies that have a positive impact on the environment and people. We base our projects on science and nature. For example, we are planting millions of trees in the semi-arid Chaco region of Paraguay. The trees take large quantities of CO2 out of the atmosphere and permanently store it. Additionally, we harvest the trees and use the products to replace harmful pesticides with all-natural alternatives. Another project develops natural cosmetics to help Psoriasis patients whose needs are not adequately addressed at the moment. 

We are privately funded and do not need to think short-term to please investors. The core team is based in Munich, Germany, but we have projects and employees in Paraguay, the US, and Morocco.

We work by measuring and evaluating our actions constantly. We run a few different tech stacks to support our data needs and applications. As a result, we have software projects and hardware projects to improve our operations. These range from introducing LoRaWan and having IoT sensors all over the plantation to using drones and AI-based tree counting.

Your tasks:

  • Own and manage the technology requirements across all companies. Both hardware and software

  • Analyze the needs, problems, and situations of the different companies

  • Evaluate different options based on technical and economic requirements. You also need to keep soft skills, such as tech literacy of employees, in mind

  • Propose and finally implement new technology both yourself and by managing others

  • Go into details of different implementations and improve them

Your profile:

  • You strive in changing environments and in working with a wide variety of technology

  • You can get your hands dirty and code, but also delegate and think high-level

  • You can understand the needs of a business and translate these into technical solutions

  • You work well with an international team from diverse backgrounds

  • Highly proficient in spoken and written Spanish and English. German is a benefit

  • Willingness to travel to the projects

  • Examples of previous roles could include technical PM, CTO, Head of technology, or solutions architect

What we offer:

  • Independent work with a lot of responsibility and rewards

  • Open doors, flat hierarchies, flexibility, and complete transparency

  • Exciting projects around the world that have a significant impact on society and the environment

  • We encourage and support you in your personal development

  • Remote work possible. Modern office in Munich if on-site

Do you want to have a positive influence on the environment and society? This could be your opportunity to make a real difference in the world and create a better tomorrow. Send your application directly to Laurenz Vorderwülbecke:

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